BlueCode: An encryption algorithm for password protecting web sites. The goal was to make the algorithm irreversible and also pseudo random. Both goals were accomplished and the program was published under the name Site Protector.

Digital Eye: A piece of software that could take real life 2d images and deconstruct them into their elemental polygons. This project was abandoned for several reasons. After doing extensive research, I determined that I do not have the mathematical background tackle such a challenging program. My work also seemed futile because this technology has been investigated for years and nothing I could have written would come close to the algorithms professionals use.

This web browser was intended to be unique because of its diagnostic tools for web designers as well as tools for "borrowing" other website's ideas. This project was abandoned because of a bug in java.awt.toolkit. The problem was that images wouldn't be displayed as they were downloading. The program would have to wait for the whole image to be downloaded before it would be displayed. This bug became a constant annoyance and forced the whole project to be abandoned.

This program was intended to replace Kedit. Kedit in the past has set the standard for text editors with its unique block highlighting, syntax coloring, and incorporated command line. Unfortunately, the program is no longer under development. I intended for BrainEdit to be the next evolution of Kedit. I still haven't decided what to do with this project. The program works well as a basic editor. Unfortunately, it could take me months to add all the additional utilities that other editors poses. I've been trying to assemble a team of programmers to assist me but they are just as busy as I am with other activities.