Demo Hack

Warnings: This script is for demonstration purposes only and should not be used illegally! The program will not stop until it finds your combination so you may have to use ctrl-alt-del to shut it off. If you're going to run this program for more then 8 hours, make sure you take off the metal casing on your computer and put a window fan beside it because your CPU will melt if you don't (Trust me, this has happened to me). Internet Explorer may ask you, after 5 minutes into the hack, if you want to stop this script because its using too much CPU time. Tell it NO!
Comments:How good is my password program? This script demostrates what hackers have to do in order to crack a password program. This script will give you an idea how long it takes hackers to crack a code and what kind of resources it requires (mainly a very fast machine, a big fan, and a whole lot of RAM).
This script, like any script, runs slowly compared to a compiled C program that does the same thing. My computer can run this script at about 50cps (combinations per second) while my c program, running in DOS, can do about 700 cps. This program is hacking my password algorithm. Notice that the higher the security level is, the lower the cps.
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