power overwhelming

operation cwal

the gathering


game over man

staying alive

show me the money

there is no cow level

whats mine is mine

breathe deep

something for nothing

black sheep

medieval man

modify the phase variance

war aint what it used to be

food for thought

God mode

Increases building/upgrade speed (CWAL = can't wait any longer)

Infinite energy

Computer can't use energy

Instant loss

Lets you continue playing after you have finished the mission

Gives you 10,000 minerals and gas

Completes the mission you are on

Gives you 500 minerals

Gives you 500 vespene gas

Everything available is upgraded

wall Reveals entire map

Gives free upgrades to units

Ability to build anything

Disables fog of war

Allows you to build more units than supply

Warp to any mission (type in, press enter, then mission number)

Starcraft Serial code Generator.
Custom Senerio, Human & Protoss vs. Zerg(computer)