• The menus don't work on my browser.
    Versions of Netscape 4.0-4.1 did not support all of DHTML. Later versions such as 4.5 support DHTML a lot better.
    My menus do support all the syntax for Netscape 6 DHTML. However, the browser is currently very buggy and crashes when trying to run large scripts such as mine.
  • I can't download the source files.

  • Go here and click on the link that says
    Please click on
    to download this file.
  • Why do I keep getting javascript errors?
    One possibility is that your source files are not being linked into the HTML document because they are not in the same directory as the document or the wrong URL for them is being use. Another common error is that your menu items contain single qoutes. Make sure there are no single quotes in the names of menu items!
  • Do the menus overlap frames?

  • No, they do not and never will. In order to have a program overlap into another frame would require two copies of the program which can communicate with each other between the frames. This would require a great deal of programming and would be incredibly slow. Its easier, faster, and smarter, to leave the frames out. Have you ever tried to bookmark a website with frames? its a real pain trying to bookmark a page several links deep.
  • Are the menus crossbrowser?

  • The menus are compatible with the majority of web browsers being used. This includes IE 4,IE 5, Netscape 4.1-4.8. They do not work on IE 4 for Mac, but IE 5 for Mac is expected to be compatible. Netscape 5 and 6 are still uncompatible, there is still not enough documentation to tweak my menus for those browsers.
  • I get an error when i put the menus on my page.

  • The most common error is caused by not having a style property and id property associated with other divs on your page. To fix this problem, change
    <div style="" id="">
  • How do I put the menus on all my pages?

  • Cut and paste the code betweeen the two <script> tags
    <script language='JavaScript1.2'>
    ...Copy this code...
    into a seperate file called menuSrc.js. You can then import the script into all your pages like this.
    <script language='JavaScript1.2' src="menuSrc.js"></script>
    It should look like this when you're all done.
    <script src='menu3_dhtml.lib' language='JavaScript1.2'></script>
    <script src='menu3.js' language='JavaScript1.2'></script>
    <script language='JavaScript1.2' src="menuSrc.js"></script>
  • Why doesn't the script work on my browser?

  • The major browser concern is with IE 4 for Mac. This bug cannot be fixed, IE 4 for Mac lacked a major ability that IE 4 for PC had, the ability to clip divs. IE 5 for Mac should have fixed this bug. Wouldn't life be easier if everyone coded in Java?
  • Why do the menus not load correctly the first time I go to my page?

  • This problem occurs because the menu is being drawn before the arrow image loads. To fix this bug, put <img src="arrow_pic.jpg"> somewhere on your page to preload the arrow image.