My name is Blake Lucas (AKA BlackLight) .I'm currently 16 years old and I've been programming since I was 12. I'm fluent in Java, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, and C. I'm open for chat on AIM under the name blcklight1. Please, do not approach me in e-mails or chat sessions and ask about how to program. If you want to learn to program, you need to read a lot of books. Here is a picture of my growing library and a list of books which you may find useful.

Programming With C by Byron S. Gottfried;C++ How To Program 3rd ed. by H.M. and P.J. Deitel; Java in a Nutshell by David Flanagan;Computer Science 6th ed. by J. Glenn Brookshear; Problem Solving & Program Design in C by Jeri R. Hanly and Elliot B. Koffman;Web Concept & Design by Crystal Waters; Designing Web Animation by Nicola Brown;Practical C Programming by Steve Oualline;The ABCs of JavaScript by Lee Purcell and Mary Jane Mara; Dynamic HTML in Action by William J. Pardi and Eric M. Schurman;Graphics Programming with Java by Roger T. Stevens;